Among the stunningly sexy crew, there’s something for everyone! Ultra Male the tough guy, the timeless Le Male himself,On Board the seducer, the charming Le Beau, and of course, the captain: Le MaleLe Parfum. Irresistible players, their mooning can generate a flood of admirers. Clearly, these Males are yet to finish making waves!

New Release By Paco Rabanne

New INVICTUS PARFUM by Rabanne combines fresh lavender with sensual black soap and addictive sandalwood in a powerful fragrance for the half–god hero who turns life into legend.


Infused with smooth natural whisky absolute, this fragrance has been crafted in grasse using aromatic barley from refined scottish distillery.
The amber-toned perfume, evoking the intense hue of whisky itself, is encased within the polished, pure forms of a bottle echoing an elegant hip flask.
Givenchy gentleman eau de parfum Reserve Privée embodies the ultimate in timeless elegance and refinement

Club De Nuit Urban Man Elixir

The new vision of masculinity. The man of today embraces machismo and expresses how he presents himself to the world. Newly Launched, ARMAF Perfume Club De Nuit Urban Elixir Man It strikes the right balance between soothing and powerful, making it perfect to be worn by both men Long Lasting Scent - long lasting fragrance that will keep you smelling great all day.

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